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We work year round to keep your property in excellent shape.

Commercial Services We Offer

At Bear Property Cleaning, we work with business parks, malls, governmental agencies, office managers, town home councils, condo associations, builders, and more. We also partner with other property cleaning companies to help on large scale projects.

Low Rise Window Cleaning


Whether you are a builder looking to hire us for a post-construction clean, or a commercial office manager - we leave your windows flawless. We know that your clientele expects only the best from you, and dirty windows are a big no no. This means we utilize water-fed poles, squeegees, scrapers, and a range of environmentally friendly chemicals to remove stains, splats, left over tape, concrete, or anything else that DOES'NT belong on your windows. Oh, yeah, and we clean your sills and frames as well.​

Commercial Gutter Cleaning


We clean gutters on buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our 40 foot ladders allow us to reach tricky places that often get missed. If you are looking to eliminate yearly gutter cleaning don't hesitate to ask us about gutter guard installation. 

Commercial Power Washing

Pressure washing is too common of a service when it comes to exterior property cleaning. The only things that should be cleaned with pressure are: sidewalks, concrete, parking lots, and landscaping fixtures such as retaining walls. Pressure washing anything else around your property, such as vinyl siding, wooden fixtures, or windows - can all lead to big damage. To clean your commercial property, we use zero pressure. Why? Because using pressure to remove debris can be dangerous (imagine someone propped up 2 storeys up with a ladder and getting pushed off with the force of a pressure washing gun), it can damage your property (put a hole in siding, remove stucco, chip brick and concrete, splinter wood, etc.), and it often voids an insurance policy. 

Stain Removal

Do you have paint, oil, rust, efflorescence or any other types of stains that need to be removed on your property? Give us a call! Our technicians have extensive training in restoring things to look brand new again.

Graffiti Removal

Bandits can strike at any time - leaving your property looking used and abused. If you require any tagging to be removed our soft wash system can get the job done.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Our custom Christmas lights glow brighter and warmer than anything else available on the market! They can be cut to a specific length (and we can match any company colours you may have). The lights we provide are guaranteed to work 50,000 hours or more and include installation, maintenance, and takedown all in one affordable price.


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