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Bear Property Cleaning installs gutter guards on homes that are looking for a solution to gutter cleaning. Stop wasting money hiring gutter cleaners!

Gutter Guard Installation

Are you tired of cleaning gutters year after year? We have a solution for you! Gutter guard installation. Our guards will protect your gutters from filling up with debris, and will ensure everything is flowing properly. Each gutter guard installation comes with a complimentary gutter clean to ensure we aren't trapping anything inside before we install.



Our technicians first begin by cleaning out your gutters. While up there, we measure what size your gutter is around the house. We then cut corner sections, and install our premium aluminum guards. They are lightweight and rust resistant. The guards are drilled into place to ensure that they don't fly out or get damaged by a falling branch.



Having gutter guards installed does NOT mean you never have to clean your gutters again. While some companies use this as a clever marketing strategy, it simply isn't true. We recommend a bi-yearly followup inspection, which often just requires a quick peek under and blowing anything off of the tops of the guards. Our technicians work with surprised homeowners each Spring and Fall when they are stumped as to why their gutters are overflowing when they had gutter guards installed. The process is often simple: unscrew everything, clean it out, and put it all back together.

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