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Gutter Guards


What is the purpose of gutter guards?

Clean Your Gutters Less Often!

How often should I clean my eavestroughs? 

Eavestrough cleaning should be done one to two times per year. Depending on the vegetation on the property, there are leaves, sticks, and branches that fall during autumn and there are keys, buds, and flowers that fall in the spring. Pine trees also shed year round, which can contribute to quick buildup. All of this leads to a decent amount of accumulation of debris in the gutters, which in turn clog up the downspouts.

What are gutter guards?


Gutter guards, leaf covers, eavestrough shields, leaf filters - all mean the same thing. Simply put, they are a perforated cover that is drilled over top your gutter system and prevents debris from entering. This means downspouts don't become clogged up over time, and everything works seamlessly. 

Do I still need to clean my gutters with guards?

Yes! Gutter guards to an excellent job of keeping things out, but they are not a one stop fix - any company that suggests otherwise is spreading tall tales. We recommend that gutter guards be cleaned out every few years to ensure that nothing sticks to the top, and that things such as asphalt granules, small buds, and dust doesn't build up underneath. Cleaning is simple - just blow off the tops and then flush the entire system down. In the long run, gutter guards save you a ton of money on cleaning costs, and can offer a peace of mind that you won't have any problems with water!

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