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Pressure Washing & Power Washing in London, Ontario

Pressure Washing

Bear Property Cleaning provides pressure washing and soft washing. Your home deserves technicians who know what should / shouldn't be pressure washed.

Pressure Washing

At Bear Property Cleaning, pressure washing is our weekly therapy appointment. It's very satisfying​ to be involved in the restoration process of making something look new. Our industrial strength equipment comes with cold and hot water capabilities. This means that we are able to completely eradicate anything that doesn't belong on your property. 

Surfaces We Tackle


Pressure washing is too common of a service when it comes to exterior property cleaning. The only things that should be cleaned with pressure are: driveways, patios, landscaping fixtures, and decks. Pressure washing anything else around your home, such as vinyl siding, wooden fixtures, or windows - can all lead to big property damage. When it comes to homes, the best approach is soft washing. This utilizes the use of specially designed soaps to help remove buildup from your home. To find out more about house washing click here.

Driveway Pressure Washing


If your driveway is covered in dirt, moss, stains, weeds, ant hills, or oil stains - its time to give us a call. We are able to completely restore any type of driveway, whether it be paver stone, brick, concrete, aggregate, or asphalt. Furthermore, for driveways that have grooves in them such as a paver stone driveway, we also offer polymeric sand application. We also offer sealing for all driveways to ensure the surface stays clean and healthy after we restore it. To find out more about driveway restoration click here.

Patio Pressure Washing


Do you have a patio or a walkway that wraps around your home and is an embarrassment? We can help! Similar to driveway pressure washing, we can completely restore any surface. Additionally, we are also able to offer polymeric sand application and sealing. To find our more about patio restoration click here.

Landscape Pressure Washing


Landscaping often costs thousands of dollars, and its money well spent to make your property stand out. However, when the garden begins to take over, it can quickly deteriorate your outdoor decor. We pressure wash surfaces like retaining walls, fountains, statues, and more! 

Deck Pressure Washing


If you have a deck that is made from wood, head over to our wood restoration page. In contrast, if you have a composite, plastic, or pressure treated wood deck - this is the right spot for you. We are able to adjust our industrial grade pressure washers to reduce pressure and increase water flow. Using this method, we can easily get rid of dirt, moss, mold, algae, and any other type of build up you may have on your deck.

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Bear Property Cleaning has earned a reputation in London, Ontario as being the go to company for pressure washing. What sets us apart? We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry. We offer classes on how to use equipment safely, how to properly wash houses, and how to avoid damaging homes. Companies all around Canada look to us for guidance and advice. When it comes to cleaning homes, you don't need to use pressure or power everywhere. Typically, anything on the exterior of the home should be soft washed, and anything on the ground should be power washed. Using pressure to clean can cause lots of damage, so be careful on which area you clean. Want to tune in? Check out our Facebook page to see what we are up to on a daily basis throughout the season. 

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