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Christmas Light Installation in London, Ontario

We offer custom cut lights fitted with the highest quality LED bulbs.

Christmas Light Installation

At Bear Property Cleaning, we are proud to offer Christmas light supply and installation to our valued customers. When you purchase a Christmas Light package from us, our top of the line LED lights will make your home stand out on the street. Our technicians are sent to British Columbia for industry training to ensure you receive the best service possible. 

Design & Consultation


Do you have an idea in mind of what you would like done or are you in need of some holiday inspiration? Our team can help you full-fill your wishes to meet your holiday budget needs. We recommend going on Google or Pinterest to look up a cool design - send it to us, we can make anything happen! 



Our technicians work right up until Christmas to ensure we accommodate everyone who needs lights installed. Typically an installation takes 2-4 hours to complete. Once the holiday season is over, you can opt for us to take lights down in January or during the first week of spring.

Custom Cut

When we install lights on your property we measure out our spool of wire to perfect length. This means no lights tucked into gutters, around corners, etc. If you are planning on moving or changing up the design next year - don't worry (we can modify our spool to either add length or remove length).


We offer a variety of lights that come in different shapes and colours to decorate your home. All of our lights are rated either C9 or G30. These are the most energy efficient lights on the market and last over 50,000 hours. 


If we install lights for you they come with our maintenance guarantee. If anything becomes lose, a light burns out, or you have any problems don't hesitate to give us a call. We will come out and service your property free of charge. 

Bear Property Cleaning | Warm White Christmas Lights
Bear Property Cleaning |  Multi Christmas Lights
Bear Property Cleaning |  Green and White Christmas Lights
Bear Property Cleaning |  Candy Cane Christmas Lights

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How Can We Serve You?

Bear Property Cleaning has earned a reputation in London, Ontario as being the best company for Christmas light installation. What sets us apart? We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry. We offer classes on how to use equipment safely, how to properly clip and hang lights, and how to avoid damaging homes. Companies all around Canada look to us for guidance and advice. Our long lasting LED lights are revolutionizing the industry and setting a new standard for Christmas décor. Want to tune in? Check out our Facebook page to see what we are up to on a daily basis throughout the season. 

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