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Why Us?

Bear Property Cleaning Van

About the Company

Bear Property Cleaning originates in London, Ontario. The philosophy of our company is simple: provide exceptional service for an affordable price. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to a clean home, with the job being completed in a safe, efficient manner. Our work trucks are outfitted with the latest technology, that focus on getting the job completed in a neat, timely manner. Did we miss something? Give us a call within 72 hours and we will come correct our mistake - free of charge! 


Bear Property Cleaning is all about safety. Why? Because we believe that if someone is putting themselves at risk to get a job done, the job isn't being completed properly. For example, when "Bob" is extended to the last rung on a ladder 3 storeys up cleaning your gutters, is he really getting every inch of debris out as the ladder sways in the wind? He could be, but more oftentimes than not, when we show up to a property and do an inspection, key areas of a gutter system are clogged, which means the last crew never completed the job properly.

What sets us apart? Bear technicians use industry leading technology, such as gutter vacuums with mounted cameras to avoid dangerous situations - while eliminating 100% of the debris. This technology is paired with extensive training, to ensure the jobs is being done properly. 

If you have a safety concern you would like to address, please let us know immediately! We take such issues very seriously,

Climbing a Ladder


We believe it's the little things that separate us from the competition.


Do you hate waiting on people? We certainly do. From initial contact to final goodbyes, we always make sure to return calls immediately, respond to quotes within the hour, and arrive to your home on the hour. If we experience any unexpected traffic delays, you will immediately be updated with a status of arrival.

Bear technicians are always uniformed, smiling, and ready to work hard. Once a job is completed, our standard process is a customer walk around - unless you already trust us!


Our trucks are always organized, and equipment is neatly arranged in an accessible manner. We carry an extra of everything - so if something breaks, there will be no interruption in the service you receive!


We often get asked why are prices are so good. People tell us on a regular basis that we cost half of what the other guys cost (and that the other guys only do half as good of a job as us).


Well, our philosophy at Bear Property Cleaning is simple. We invest in the latest technology, train our technicians to work in a quick, efficient manner, and to always do an amazing job. The results? Referrals! It's all thanks to homeowners like you for keeping our business flowing!


A little digging showed us that the average customer refers us to 3.7 other people. With such a positive response, we stay busy, very busy, and this allows us to give everyone a fair price.

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