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Deck Restoration in London, Ontario

Staining Deck With Oil

Bear Property Cleaning provides deck cleaning and full deck restoration options complete with sanding and staining.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration

Have you looked at your deck and wondered what happened to it? Many people make the mistake of assuming that as wood gets older, there is no hope - or that it simply needs to be replaced. This is completely untrue! Most decks can be restored to their former glory, all it takes is the correct approach. So if your deck is slippery, dirty, covered in mildew and moss... we can help!

Deck Refinishing


Having a deck can make or break your summer. Countless memories can be shared here - or they are completely left unattended. Make the best of your summer and let us restore your deck for you. Our process removes all dirt, stain, and organic buildup from the wood, and we either seal or stain the wood afterwards. Check out our gallery down below for reference.


When we seal or stain wood, we focus on boosting the natural marks, knots, and grooves of every board. The result? A beautiful masterpiece that will make neighbors jealous left and right. Our stains are carefully chosen for Ontario weather, and we only use products that we deem will be a good investment for the money you pay. You can pick out your own color, or have one of our experienced technicians help you decide what would look best with your home and landscaping.

Our Process

Soft Wash


We begin any wood project by soft washing the deck. This step ensures any algae, dirt, mildew, and mold is removed from the wood. Our soft wash unit releases an environmentally friendly solution at under 100 psi onto your surface (using pressure on any type of wood is a big mistake as it can cause irreversible damage). Once this solution has eaten away at any organic  growth, we restore the PH balance of the wood, which results in brightening. Many homeowners are fine with just this step, and the soft wash is all it really takes to get your deck from looking neglected to magnificent. However, some people prefer the full package which also includes replacing the oils in the wood, giving it a rich tone, and introducing a long lasting protective seal. If this is the route your looking to take the next step would be sanding.



Once the wood has dried we begin sanding everything down. This part of the process is different for every project as some sections of wood need more touching up than others. Sanding is done to remove old paint and stain, areas where algae or mildew has penetrated deeply, and to smooth out splinters or any rough edges. The goal for this stage is to provide a smooth surface for oil penetration.

Oil Coating / Stain Application / Painting

Every homeowner is different when it comes to how they prefer their wood to look. As a general rule: if you have a wood surface that has been stained before, stain can often be used again (of if you haven't had anything put on). However, if you have had a solid paint on your wood this will need to be followed up with another solid paint. Any colour can be used to replace the current paint. While a homeowner can go from a painted surface to a stained surface, this process takes a considerable amount of time as every inch of the deck needs to be sanded in this case. We offer several different colour options when it comes to oils for deck refinishing. These colours can be seen below: they include - cedar - pecan - mahogany - chestnut - walnut.

Bear Property Cleaning | Stain Choices
Bear Property Cleaning | Cedar Tone Deck
Bear Property Cleaning |  Pecan Tone Deck
Bear Property Cleaning |  Chestnut Tone Deck
Bear Property Cleaning | Walnut Tone Deck

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Bear Property Cleaning has earned a reputation in London, Ontario as being the go to company for deck restoration. What sets us apart? We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry. Rather than using high pressure, we opt to use chemicals. Pressure washing wood can quickly destroy it, as the sheer force tears up fibers. We offer classes on how to use equipment safely, how to properly wash decks, siding, and roofs. Companies all around Canada look to us for guidance and advice. Our soft wash technique is revolutionizing the industry and setting a new standard for cleaning wood. Want to tune in? Check out our Facebook page to see what we are up to on a daily basis throughout the season. 

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