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Building Washing across Southwestern Ontario


Bear Property Cleaning provides pressure washing and soft washing. We service commercial properties of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial Building Cleaning 

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you know how important it is to keep the outside of your property clean. This undertaking is key to leaving a positive first impression with your guests, as people want to stay somewhere that’s visually appealing and welcoming. One of the best ways to show potential guests you prioritize safety and cleanliness is to partner with Bear Property Cleaning. Our highly trained team provides exterior cleaning services in a wide service region to assist with the success of a businesses like yours.

Surfaces We Tackle


Our team is trained to wash anything from a 10 storey building to a stand alone bank. We're able to clean concrete, stucco, siding, brick, metal, and more. If you've got organic growth, graffiti, rust stains, or general dirt - we are here to help. Our team is highly versatile and is trained to use booms to reach high places.

Cleaning Process


Our company uses the latest techniques and equipment to remove dirt, grime, and marks from your buildings exterior surfaces. Our staff has experience with a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a safer environment for your customers. When we arrive on site we mark the area we will be working with pylons and ensure that your business can still operate while we are on site. If requested, we can also wash before or after business hours to ensure that there is zero disruption. 

Water Supply


If you have a tap on site we can always plumb into that to ensure our washers keep running. However, we do also have access to a water  truck that can come refill our big tankers as we wash along. 

Concrete Cleaning Bear Property Cleaning
Power Washing Pool Deck Bear Property Cleaning
Pressure Washing Driveway Bear Property Cleaning
Pressure Washing Pathway Bear Property Cleaning

How Can We Serve You?

Bear Property Cleaning has earned a reputation in London, Ontario as being the go to company for commercial pressure washing. What sets us apart? We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry. We offer classes on how to use equipment safely, how to properly wash houses, and how to avoid damaging a property. Companies all around Canada look to us for guidance and advice. When it comes to cleaning homes, you don't need to use pressure or power everywhere. Typically, anything on the exterior of the property should be soft washed, and anything on the ground should be power washed. Using pressure to clean can cause lots of damage, so be careful on which area you clean. Want to tune in? Check out our Facebook page to see what we are up to on a daily basis throughout the season. 

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